Veolia Deutschland has chosen an unconventional way to train its employees on the topic of workplace safety. With an expandable showtruck that comes directly to the employees in the plant, employees can test their knowledge and master hazardous situations virtually.

Participants also remember the vehicle – the 40-ton truck is pulled by a fire-red, futuristic, Colani-designed tractor-trailer. The 110-square-meter activity area has a large multimedia offering. Among other things, there is a drive simulator that challenges employees to steer a truck safely to the destination despite many distractions. The truck is also equipped with a virtual reality tool that requires users to watch a video and hit a buzzer every time a hazardous situation arises.

As a result, it is very easy for employees to remember the safety instructions. They learn what to do in hazardous situations, so the goal and the intent of the roadshow are successfully achieved.