Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: Baloise InfoWheels Takes Insurance on the Road

Baloise InfoWheels is redefining customer engagement in Switzerland with their mobile office on wheels.

By going beyond traditional office spaces, Baloise brings insurance services directly to customers, revolutionizing accessibility and personalization. 


The InfoWheels campaign showcases their commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

With the InfoWheels, Baloise creates meaningful connections and provides expert guidance tailored to individual needs. Parked in various locations throughout Switzerland, the InfoWheels serve as a hub of convenience, engaging customers in face-to-face conversations about their insurance requirements.

This initiative goes beyond a short-lived marketing effort, spanning a year to establish lasting relationships and solidify Baloise's position as a customer-driven insurance provider. By embracing mobility and actively listening to customers, Baloise showcases their dedication to reshaping the insurance landscape and meeting the evolving needs of individuals in the digital age.

Baloise InfoWheels represents a new era of accessible and personalized insurance solutions, embodying Baloise's commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and transformative customer experiences.