Empowering Medical Education: VirtaMed's Extended Roadshow Reaches Morocco

Doctor testing the AI robot inside the VirtaMed InfoWheels

VirtaMed, a leading provider of medical simulation and surgical training solutions, is extending their successful roadshow for two additional years, now including a captivating destination: Morocco. 

With the support of two fully branded InfoWheels, VirtaMed is set to showcase their latest medical and surgical technologies, driven by their belief in the power of data-driven simulation for effective medical education.


Since 2007, VirtaMed has been revolutionizing training outside the operating room, ensuring healthcare professionals never have to perform a procedure on a patient for the first time. By offering realistic and immersive simulation experiences, VirtaMed empowers medical professionals to enhance their skills and deliver exceptional patient care.

The InfoWheels, serving as mobile academies, perfectly embody VirtaMed's mission, allowing them to reach healthcare professionals worldwide and provide hands-on training. With their extended roadshow, VirtaMed aims to expand access to their innovative solutions and promote continuous learning in the medical field.

Join VirtaMed on their remarkable journey as they continue to transform medical education through simulation-based training.Together, we have been able to help support the advancement of healthcare by equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the highest quality of care.


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